Meridian's mission is to enhance the careers and well-being of families and individuals through evidence-based counseling interventions.

Our Training Program

Meridian is a Florida Certification Board approved training provider for the 50 hours training requirement to become a Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager/Supervisor. We are here to meet your specific training requirements. Contact us by using the email or phone number below to learn more.


Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager (CBHCM)

Certified Behavioral Health Case Managers (CBHCM) are board certified members who provide behavioral health case management services to adults or children with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, and/or those whose involvement in the child welfare system that require behavioral health case management services. To meet the requirements of becoming a Certified Behavioral Health Case Manager, follow the certification process below:

Certification Process

Candidates are encouraged to visit the certification board website to inquire about the CBHCM credential. The Florida Certification Board has several routes for candidates to meet certification.

For Example

Those candidates who meet the education requirement but not the training, supervision and/or work experience requirement have the option to complete a provisional application. This consists of applying for the CBHCM-P credential, completing additional requirements, including taking test and receiving the CBHCM-P credential and finally applying for the CBHCM Upgrade before the provisional credential expires.
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