Our mission is to empower individuals, children and families to gain knowledge and strategies for success through a client-centered approach.

About Us

Established in May 2011, Meridian Associates is committed to the practice of using a strength based and client centered approach. As we travel on life’s journey, we are constantly challenged by the twists, turns, and obstacles that contribute to life experiences. The staff at Meridian Associates understands that these moments require a trusting ear, guidance, and an opportunity for growth. By offering client centered services, we are better able to assist you in identifying distress and learning new coping skills.

The “Why”

Founded on the principles that “helping is healing”, we at Meridian Associates offer you our helping hand, a listening ear, and our promise of exceptional service.
We help our clients reach the level playing field necessary to become an effective contributor to self, family and society.

Philosophy and Approach

The philosophies of Meridian Associates are guided by principles that ultimately define our culture and our team’s person-centered approach.

  • PositivityWe believe in recognizing and reinforcing the good that happens all around us.
  • CommitmentWe show our dedication to the people we have been entrusted to serve by adapting our methods and schedules to fit their needs.
  • SupportWe serve our clients and team members through our attention, knowledge and encouragement as needed
  • IntegrityWe are honest with ourselves and with others and strive to do what is right in every circumstance.